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Fear Driving Gun Sales

Misc. • 21st Oct, 14 • 0 Comments


I think it is ironic that gun sales have set records during the current administration in Washington. What's your take on that? I'm also curious as to what is your preferred carry sidearm.
Donald. New York

To a large degree, the surge in firearm purchases have been reactionary rather than logical. Unfortunately, huge numbers of low-quality and mostly impractical firearms have been manufactured and sold during the frenzy. But that's the way it is, and there's no going back now. The market will be self-regulating as it becomes saturated with a plethora of low- and no-quality guns, which seems anymore to be at least 80% of what's being offered. One gun magazine after another touts plastic in various forms as something special. There isn't anyone that understands class and quality who believes that garbage, yet the vast majority of todays shooters do believe it. So what does that tell you? Yup, it's a sign of the times. 

What the frenzy buyers of firearms that are generally classified as assault weapons don't get is that a future ban or re-classification of these guns will affect ownership, no matter when they were purchased. It is our estimation that there will not be another pre-ban/post-ban situation that categorizes firearms. It will be all ban, and it will not matter who is in the Executive Office at the time. Public sentiment will be the ruling factor. It's just a matter of time before some other nut case or dick head goes off on a rampage. If you're nearby, be a hero.

To answer your second question, I don't carry. Never felt a need to. If a situation arises that changes that, it will be a revolver, and no part of it will be fashioned from any kind of plastic. I'm a classy guy with a fair share of dignity. If I ever do carry, it won't be a friggin piece of junk. I've also never owned a Yugo.


I read your comments about the surge in gun sales in recent years, and couldn't agree more. It has gotten so bad that a short time age I observed two young men in a (large national chain sporting goods) store being shown the fundamentals of a centerfire bolt action sporting rifle, of which they were entirely unfamiliar. I struck up conversation with them, and they both said that they were disappointed in the accuracy of their AR rifles. At a recent trip to the range to try again, an "old guy" was there with a bolt action and was shooting groups well under an inch. Their groups were running over two inches at best, and getting worse as time went by. Their ARs were chambered for the 308, while the old guy's rifle was a 7mm Rem Mag. It ended up that one of them bought a rifle, trading his rather expensive and fairly new AR in at a considerable loss. He chose a rifle with some real class, a Remington 700 CDL in 30-06.

I also agree with you about a carry sidearm. In 56 years I have never been in or seen a situation that even remotely suggested one was needed. Maybe it's different in other parts of the country, I suppose it is, but I live in a medium-sized city of a quarter million people and have never carried. I travel almost every week, mostly within the state, and do usually have a 357 revolver in the pickup. In 21 years on this job, I've never had it out of the zippered pouch except for practice at home.

Society as a group has become paranoid. Recent study results investigating the gradually changing mentality of men, toward a position of  increasing personal fear and reduced masculinity, suggests that estrogen and other hormones going into animals raised for human consumption are a definite factor. 

Jim, Nebraska

Very interesting feedback. We may have heard about the results of the same study on a radio discussion recently. There has to be some reason for the male behavioral changes over recent years, and this one sure seems logical. We eat wild game, wild caught steelhead and salmon, and unmodified bison, so we still have that attitude edge. Hoorah!

What's your beef with ARs? Too complicated? Can't keep up with modern times? World slipping away from you? Well, why not just put your feet up, pop a cassette in the 8-Track, and relax. The rest of the shooting world is tired of reading your crap.

Unidentified respondent

The great thing about the internet in a free country is that you can take it or leave it; visit whatever site you want whenever you wish. As far as ARs go, I suspect that my experience with them goes back aways further than yours. I have owned several, mostly match rifles; from Colt's CAR-A3 on the less expensive end, clear up to the ultra-accurized custom jobs, and also have plenty of experience with several off-the-shelf varieties. The Colts were well liked and more practical than any of the others, even more so than the full-blown match rifles (which were somewhat fussy at times).  However, those that shot under half an inch at 100 yards (for awhile) were no match for a good 223 bolt-action match rifle that shoots a quarter inch for years on end. 

And then we get to the combat part... I can't quote the exact figures or sources at this time, but as I understand it there is a history of about 900 rounds expended in M16s and similar rifles to inflict a single casualty on an enemy, but less than two rounds from a bolt action rifle in the hands of a highly trained shooter. There needs to be a better mix within a rifle squad; some with automatics, and at least a few of the long-range rifle guys. And there needs to be better and more personal one-on-one firearms training of all U.S. combat troops. You can't shout another person's way to developing good shooting skills.

Despite our different preferences, we could probably serve on the same squad and make a hell of a team. You  spot for me for the long shots, and I'll depend on you to keep us from getting overrun. 



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