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It's not a person; it's a condition. Our emotionally challenged friend and former African hunter from Virginia says it frequently: "Ed Zacherly". He does that to make a point of emphasis out of "exactly." So, when a person finally catches on to what he says, or is trying to say, he comes back with, "Ed Zacherly!" The rest of his behavior and conformance to reasonable conversation is no better than this example. The down side is, it's apparently catching.

No later than yesterday (it's mid-September 2016), I was visiting with a friend and fellow shooter as we were discussing the 6mm BR cartridge, along with the various popular chamber neck diameters of 0.266", 0.272", and so on. I pulled one from my safe that measures a generous 0.272", which allows Lapua and other properly dimensioned 6mm BR brass to be loaded and slip right into the chamber. I use it as a varmint rifle. In most instances, with lot after lot of good brass, I've found that the unmodified overall loaded neck diameter runs from about 0.267" to 0.270". Consequently. the brass for a rifle chambered with a 0.266" neck requires a slight bit of outside turning (not much more than a truing-up) before it will fit. This takes a bit of fussing that varies depending on the type of outside neck turner a person has. The too-tight fit is intentional, to essentially force the shooter to true-up the brass so the rifle will shoot at its very best.

Then the conversation went in the direction of what's best. Here's where I screwed up... When asked about a current rifle I have with a 0.266" neck, versus one with a 0.270" neck, I responded that both shoot equally well; in the high teens. "But do you have to turn the necks for the 0.270" rifle".

"No." I answered.

"And they both shoot equally well?"

"Yes... Ed Zacherly"



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