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Sight In Distance

Target • 14th May, 16 • 0 Comments


I am ready to go sight in my new rifle, a 30-06, and want to know what's the best distance to do this.

From time to time, the discussion of "best distance to sight in a rifle" comes up. This is a subject that deserves to be looked at in depth, although there is seldom widespread agreement.

For years and years, for whatever original reason, the standard for accuracy has been expressed primarily as the size...



Bullet Choices

Hunting • 14th May, 16 • 0 Comments



We have noticed that you tend to choose heavier hunting bullets in each caliber. For example, using 180-grain loads in a 30-06 instead of, say, 150 grain. Why is that?

My response: Anymore, I suppose I'm in the minority here. The knowledge of what velocity could and can do was probably promoted by Roy Weatherby more than anyone else. During the 1960s, when he was becoming quite famous among riflemen, a 150-grain bullet in the 300...



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