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Keep Your Powder Dry And Fresh?

Misc. • 21st Oct, 14 • 0 Comments


I wonder about the wisdom of hoarding ammunition. How long does it last in storage, and how about ideal storage versus typical storage?
Jerry S., Kansas

Excellent question, to which I have some incomplete answers. First of all, I've lived long enough to come to the conclusion, through actual experience, that extruded (stick-type) powders seem to store better in typical conditions, in loaded rounds or in bulk, than most ball or flake powders. There is no...



Fear Driving Gun Sales

Misc. • 21st Oct, 14 • 0 Comments


I think it is ironic that gun sales have set records during the current administration in Washington. What's your take on that? I'm also curious as to what is your preferred carry sidearm.
Donald. New York

To a large degree, the surge in firearm purchases have been reactionary rather than logical. Unfortunately, huge numbers of low-quality and mostly impractical firearms have been manufactured and sold during the frenzy. But that's the way it is, and there's...



338s For One And All!

Misc. • 21st Oct, 14 • 0 Comments


It's obvious that you like the 338 Winchester Magnum. Do you have a favorite?

Wes, Arizona

I have a Ruger 77 Express Rifle, no longer made, with an exceptionally nice Circassian walnut stock. My second favorite is a Weatherby Mark V Alaskan, because from day one it has persisted in shooting under 3/4th of an inch with plain ole factory ammunition. The Alaskan was an early synthetic-stocked rifle by Weatheby, in stainless steel, and...



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