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Bear Claws

Hunting • 25th Jun, 14 • 0 Comments



Thank you for saving those Bear Claws for me.  Perhaps you knew I'd come around, perhaps I was just lucky.


This boy was taken at a bit over 200 yards.  The first shot was a bit back and stopped under the skin after passing through around 40 inches of kudu.  The second after he jumped and went about 4 strides was through the...



Hunting With A Handgun

Hunting • 17th Jun, 14 • 0 Comments


Do you ever hunt with a handgun? If you do, what do you use?
John P., Michigan

I'm not a strong advocate of hunting with a handgun, although a fair number of people are fairly successful...



The Happy Hunter

Hunting • 17th Jun, 14 • 0 Comments


The shop received these comments in an email correspondence recently, which are being passed along to readers: 

"I bought a new 270 because I always wanted one, and that made me happy. I sighted in the 270 from a bench and it shot well, and that made me happy. I practiced a lot with the 270...



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